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Final Broadcast: A Late Fringe Addition

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016

Written By: Robert K. Brown

This has all been a bit surreal.

My cell rang on Friday, July 8th while I was on the bus. The caller introduced herself as Jessica from the Hamilton Fringe, told me I was next on the waiting list and that there had been a last-minute drop from the festival…and that while she realized it was only about 6 days or so until opening, she was wondering if I was still interested in the slot.


Robert K. Brown, writer and director of “Final Broadcast.”

I remember somehow expressing interest, but that I needed to make some phone calls before I could confirm. I don’t really remember getting off the bus.

I called Carissa and asked her how crazy she was feeling. We’ve worked together before a number of times, and she was one of my cast for On The Rocks at Hamilton Fringe 2014, the first production by my company Windmills Theatre. She wondered if I could be more specific, since she was away for the weekend. “Oh, not today,” I assured her, “but, like…six days from now? Fringe just called me.” She immediately agreed to the role.

My phone buzzed almost as soon as I hung up. David could stage manage all show dates except one, and thought it sounded like fun. David is one of the best I’ve ever worked with – I guess we might really do this. My phone buzzed again. Krista (who has been attached to this script for some time) could just make it work, despite also being cast in The Tragedy of Othella Moore (which you should definitely also go see). I called Greg, another frequent collaborator and author of On The Rocks, and he was free for some but not all of the performance dates. I walked into work early, and somehow they agreed to give me time off to do the show and not to fire me.

I called Jessica back and confirmed our acceptance.

This was still Friday.

Since then, it has continued to be a surreal and amazing ride. We embraced the timeline and decided to stage it as a reading and work-in-progress. Following each performance, the audience will be invited to ask any questions they might have and to give feedback on the script. The script will be changing throughout the run, and I will be incorporating the best notes as we go. As a thank you for being part of our process, we will be marking ticket stubs at each performance, and anyone who brings that marked ticket stub to a later show will get free entry to see how the script has developed and if we used any of your notes.

Then we had an amazing first rehearsal, which was also our tech, and I re-wrote the script.

It’s Wednesday, and it looks like we have a show.

This has been the most amazing (and terrifying) way to workshop a script that I could have ever dreamed of, and I am extremely grateful to the Hamilton Fringe for their last-minute phone call, and to my fearless cast and crew who were feeling just as crazy as I was, and who made this possible.

We hope to see you there.

Warning: there is quite a bit of strong language throughout. Don’t let that throw you off! But maybe don’t bring the wee kids to this one.

Final Broadcast – A Staged Reading (Windmills Theatre)

Playwright: Robert K. Brown
Director: Robert K. Brown
Cast: Robert K. Brown, Carissa Kaye and Krista McNaughton

Running Time: 50 min

Show Times:

Fri, July 15: 7:00pm
Sat, July 16: 11:00pm
Sun, July 17: 2:00pm
Thurs, July 21 7:30pm
Fri, July 22: 6:00pm
Sat, July 23: 12:30pm
Sun, July 24: 9:30pm