Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

Beats on the Streets with DJ Osito

Prepare to cut loose and dance under the stars as DJ Osito spins the best throwback tunes to get you in the festival groove.

DJ Osito (Dan Rivero) has built a name for himself in the Hamilton art scene for a number of years. A chef by trade and DJ/ Party & event promoter/ organizer by night, Rivero spent his down-time participating in the local art and music scene by snapping photos of bands and musicians, painting live in the city streets and exhibiting his multi-faceted works in local music and art venues. If you want to know the Hamilton “scene”, Rivero is a great person to ask. Born in Kitchener-Waterloo to his Cuban-immigrant parents, Rivero has called downtown Hamilton his home for the past decade. With no formal training in the fine arts, Rivero started sketching and working with spray paint in his early teens. Punk rock, early NYC graffiti, Andy Warhol and vibrant Latin murals are his biggest inspirations when putting paint to canvas. His style ranges from abstract to pop-art mixed with elements of surrealism and graffiti. When painting, he uses acrylics in combination with spray paint on canvas while his photography focused on small-venue punk, hip-hop, rock, metal, and electronic shows. Rivero has held exhibits at numerous local venues and has participated in art/music festivals both locally and provincially. Rivero held a residency as artist at The Casbah music venue for quite a few years. He’s coordinated and branded the live art/live music showcases including “Audio Visual 1 and 2, Retro Rave parties and other music and art related showcases. He continued with the live art theme painting live with “The Latin Vintage Orchestra” and other music acts for many years. More recently DJing has been another creative outlet, you can find him spinning records around town and holding residencies at local venues. All of Rivero’s creative works operate under the umbrella of Abstract Visions. For more on Rivero and Abstract Visions, please visit www.facebook.com/abstractvisionsbydanrivero.

Date & Time:
Fri. July 20—9pm