Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

Frost Bites Festival

A site-specific winter performance festival

The fourth annual FROST BITES will run from February 14-17, 2019.

In February, 2018 local artists created short performance “bites” inspired by
the former Westinghouse head office building located at Sanford and Barton.
The festival took place at a number of unique pop-up locations in the Barton Village community.
Audiences gathered at 541 Eatery & Exchange
before leaving on a series of walking tours to experience the festival.

The 2018 Participating companies were:

Blending Reality Productions (Taryn Crankshaw and Jessica Marshall)
Form Contemporary Dance Theatre (Lisa Emmons)
Ilumina Flamenco (Angela Déiseach and Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko)
Just Look Normal (Rex Emerson)
Open Heart (Kelly Wolf and Peter Riddihough)
Red Betty Theatre (Radha Menon with Jennie Esdale and Karen Ancheta)


A) A party?
B) A festival?
C) A site-specific theatre performance?

The correct answer is D) All of the above.

FROST BITES is Hamilton’s only site-specific, winter theatre festival. The event features a diverse array of hot local artists presenting performance ‘bites’ throughout the buildings and grounds of unique found spaces, promising to heat up Hamilton  during the coldest month of the year! Each year we choose an exciting Hamilton location to create theatre in!

FROST BITES offers an immersive experience for both audience and performers. Audience members will have the opportunity to choose which shows they’d like to see and when. Performances will be ongoing and companies perform multiple performances per evening throughout the festival.

No performance is longer than 20 minutes.

Who is putting all of this together?

The festival is planned in partnership with members of The ALERT Program: Artistic Leadership and Entrepreneurial Training Program.

ALERT is an education program run by the Hamilton Festival Theatre Company, providing an opportunity for young up-and-coming artists to come together to learn, collaborate, and grow.
The 2018 ALERT Participants are Michael Kras, Stephanie Hope Lawlor, Lily Sutherland, Sunil Puri, Emma Grafham, Jamie Kasiama, and Krista Colosimo.

CLICK here for more information on the ALERT Program.