Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

Mourning Marigold

Harmonic Shadow Circus

Directed by R'verend Lou Crowfoot
Performed by "Lovely and Contorted Twins Charlene and Linda; The Shirking Idler; Doctor Electro; The Forest Lovers; Moonfox; Baron Pfeifer von Schlagartigheim; Coyote Gangrene; Rooth Gardiner; Ringtail; Queen of Rats; Ms. Rootay Raven; Puck; Swan Queen; Rainfox; Riverend Red; The Wanderer; Mx. Merigold; Crooked J. Possum; Firebreather Tebbutt; Hammer the Clown; Moon-faced Troy and Rosella"

Running Time: 8 minutes

Ouroboros is broken’, the weaver foretold, ‘ouroboros is broken’. Around its carapace Harmonic Shadow Circus, keepers of Doom and Dance, have built a burial mound where they may winter and hold vigil until spring. Roadworn Skinchangers and Shadow Dancers gather together in this Third Space where the veil is thin. Living, Dead, and Both/Neither mingle to cradle our Dear Earth Mother, so scarred and weary. Nestled snugly, we play, celebrate, and grieve.


Photo Credit: George Qua-Enoo