Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

This Installation Is Not Interactive

Sage for the Stage

Directed by: Senjuti Aurora Sarker

Performed by: Warren Kang, Lisa Ziegler, Jamie Kasiama

The Team: Lisa Ziegler (Production Designer & Performer), Senjuti Aurora Sarker (Director & Producer), Jamie Kasiama (Scriptwriter & Performer & Multimedia Designer), Warren Kang (Performer & Movement Choreographer & Assistant Production Designer), Daniel McGuire (Producer & Stage Manager), Malika Swaleh (Producer).

Running Time: 20 minutes

A woman who has just committed a murder. A man whose wife has just given birth. A portal in the public washroom. This Installation is Not Interactive is a contentious piece that weaves narrative, every day gestures turned into movement, and multimedia elements to create a surreal experience, exploring how we are impacted by life, death, and the absence of control.

WARNING: Mature Content


Photo Credit: Cormac Figgis