Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

New Play Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the
2020 Hamilton Fringe New Play Contest!


First Place: 
“Three Ordinary Men” by Steven Elliot Jackson (Toronto, ON)

1st Runner Up: 
“The Fruits That Rot in Our Bellies” by Jamie Kasiama (Hamilton, ON)

2nd Runner Up:
“Where Do We Begin?” (Musical), by Thalia Ranjbar and Jake Schindler (London, ON)


The Winner of the contest receives
a FREE production slot in the festival
plus $300.00 in cash.
The runners up receive a Hamilton Fringe “Binge” pass.


Applications for the 2021 New Play Contest will open online in the fall of 2020.


Previous Winners:


  1. First Place: We All Got Lost by Camille Inston (Dundas, ON)
  2. Where The Wind Carries Us (Où Le Vent Nous Portera) by Andrew Lee (Hamilton, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up (tied): INQUEST by Marilo Nuñez (Hamilton, ON)
    2nd Runner Up (tied): How I Became a Tramp by Vicki Zhang (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: Superman and Skinny Dan and Bird Boy by Rex Emerson Jackson (Hamilton, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: DASHEVSKY AND LEV by Phyllis Heltay (Calgary, AB)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: The Greatest Minds by Francesca Brugano (Hamilton, ON)


  1. First Place: Subway Extension to the Mariana Trench by Andrew Lee (Hamilton, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: The Team by Michael Kras (Hamilton, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Henry by Ron Fromstein (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: Faith, By: Ben Hayward (Toronto, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: ‘Tis Some Visitor, By: Peter Genoway (Toronto, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Lullaby Jones, By: Ron Fromstein (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: B & E BaseheadBy: Breen Godfrey (Toronto, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: Mrs Lansen, By Ron Fromstein (Toronto, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Oasis Love, By Johnny Salib (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: Mommy’s MaskBy: Peter Gruner (Oakville, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: Bootlegger’s Wife, By Victoria Murdoch (Toronto, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: A Zoo, of Sorts, By Ron Fromstein (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: Oh God the Drums, By: Brad J Hart (Toronto, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: Learning to Swim, By Radha Menon (Hamilton, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Test, By Stephen Near (Hamilton, ON)


  1. First Place: The Drive-Up Counter of the Universe, By Lesley Strutt (Ottawa, Ontario)
  2. 1st Runner Up: One, By Ron Fromstein (Toronto, Ontario)
  3. 2nd Runner up: Dairy-Free Love, By Victoria Murdoch (Toronto, Ontario)


  1. First Place: Interface by Stephen Near (Hamilton, Ontario)
  2. 1st Runner Up: The Gods and Calvin Brewer, by Jessica Anderson (Ottawa, Ontario)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Minced, by Peter Gruner (Oakville, Ontario)


  1. First Place:  Dianne and Me, by Ron Fromstein (Toronto, Ontario)
  2. 1st Runner Up: Digging, by David Finley (Toronto, Ontario)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Tremble, by Judith Skoff (New Jersey, USA)


  1. First Place:  Love Shack, by Michael Wilmot (London, Ontario)
  2. 1st Runner Up:  The Whore Of Babylon, by Rufus F and C Hickok  (Hamilton, Ontario)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Goodnight Amherst, by James Fanizza (Toronto, Ontario)


  1. First Place: Gerald Hilroy’s Guide To The Art Of Seduction, by David B. Fraser
  2. 1st Runner Up: Without Whom, by Robert J Downes
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Ho Ho Ho, by Ron Fromstein


  1. First Place: Balls, by Rob Salerno
  2. 1st Runner Up: The Big Smoke, by Ron Fromstein
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Perfect Wives, Desperate Lives, by Vanesa Burns