Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

New Play Contest

Applications for the New Play Contest 2020 are now closed.

The winner and two runners-up will be announced at the

Lottery Party on Friday, December 13, 2019.


  • Prizes & Notification:

    1. First place prize in the New Play Contest is a performance slot in the 2020 Hamilton Fringe Festival for the winning play, plus $300.00 CAD. The performance slot has no cash value and can’t be sold or transferred to another party. The winning playwright will be required to fill out and sign an Application Form and abide by all of the policies of The Hamilton Fringe Festival.

    2. The two runners up will each receive Fringe Binge Passes for the 2020 Hamilton Fringe Festival.

    3. The winning play and runners up will be announced on Friday December 13 2019 at the Hamilton Fringe Festival’s Lottery Party.

  • How To Enter:

    1. Read the Rules & Regulations in the application link above, paying special attention to how scripts should be formatted and uploaded WITHOUT reference to the playwright. Note: A panel of jurors will judge the plays and all entries will be anonymous.

    2. Fill out and submit the application form by Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

    3. Pay the non-refundable $35 entry fee. Payments can be made online by PayPal when completing the application OR submitted by cheque in the mail. Payment is due within 5 days of the online submission of the form.

2019 New Play Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the
2019 Hamilton Fringe New Play Contest!

First Place:
We All Got Lost by Camille Inston (Dundas, ON)

1st Runner Up: 
Where The Wind Carries Us (Où Le Vent Nous Portera) by Andrew Lee (Hamilton, ON)

2nd Runners Up:
INQUEST by Marilo Nuñez (Hamilton, ON)
How I Became a Tramp by Vicki Zhang (Toronto, ON)

The Winner of the contest receives
a FREE production slot in the festival
plus $300.00 in cash.
The runners up receive a Hamilton Fringe “Binge” pass.

Applications for the 2020 New Play Contest will go online in the fall of 2019.

Previous Winners:


  1. First Place: Superman and Skinny Dan and Bird Boy by Rex Emerson Jackson (Hamilton, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: DASHEVSKY AND LEV by Phyllis Heltay (Calgary, AB)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: The Greatest Minds by Francesca Brugano (Hamilton, ON)


  1. First Place: Subway Extension to the Mariana Trench by Andrew Lee (Hamilton, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: The Team by Michael Kras (Hamilton, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Henry by Ron Fromstein (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: Faith, By: Ben Hayward (Toronto, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: ‘Tis Some Visitor, By: Peter Genoway (Toronto, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Lullaby Jones, By: Ron Fromstein (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: B & E BaseheadBy: Breen Godfrey (Toronto, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: Mrs Lansen, By Ron Fromstein (Toronto, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Oasis Love, By Johnny Salib (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: Mommy’s MaskBy: Peter Gruner (Oakville, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: Bootlegger’s Wife, By Victoria Murdoch (Toronto, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: A Zoo, of Sorts, By Ron Fromstein (Toronto, ON)


  1. First Place: Oh God the Drums, By: Brad J Hart (Toronto, ON)
  2. 1st Runner Up: Learning to Swim, By Radha Menon (Hamilton, ON)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Test, By Stephen Near (Hamilton, ON)


  1. First Place: The Drive-Up Counter of the Universe, By Lesley Strutt (Ottawa, Ontario)
  2. 1st Runner Up: One, By Ron Fromstein (Toronto, Ontario)
  3. 2nd Runner up: Dairy-Free Love, By Victoria Murdoch (Toronto, Ontario)


  1. First Place: Interface by Stephen Near (Hamilton, Ontario)
  2. 1st Runner Up: The Gods and Calvin Brewer, by Jessica Anderson (Ottawa, Ontario)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Minced, by Peter Gruner (Oakville, Ontario)


  1. First Place:  Dianne and Me, by Ron Fromstein (Toronto, Ontario)
  2. 1st Runner Up: Digging, by David Finley (Toronto, Ontario)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Tremble, by Judith Skoff (New Jersey, USA)


  1. First Place:  Love Shack, by Michael Wilmot (London, Ontario)
  2. 1st Runner Up:  The Whore Of Babylon, by Rufus F and C Hickok  (Hamilton, Ontario)
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Goodnight Amherst, by James Fanizza (Toronto, Ontario)


  1. First Place: Gerald Hilroy’s Guide To The Art Of Seduction, by David B. Fraser
  2. 1st Runner Up: Without Whom, by Robert J Downes
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Ho Ho Ho, by Ron Fromstein


  1. First Place: Balls, by Rob Salerno
  2. 1st Runner Up: The Big Smoke, by Ron Fromstein
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Perfect Wives, Desperate Lives, by Vanesa Burns