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On the Fringe #2

Posted by on May 30, 2013

Written by Denyse Terry



DETAILS: Written by Langille MacGregor. Directed by Byron McKim

LOCATION: Citadel Theatre

SCHEDULE:  Sat, July 20 6:30pm; Sun, July 21, 2:00pm; Mon, July 22, 9:30pm; Wed, July 24 6:00pm; Fri, July 26 6:00pm; Sat, July 27 9:30pm; Sun, July, 28 12:30pm


Tom, Dick & Harry at the Hamilton Fringe

Tom, Dick & Harry at the Hamilton Fringe

We’ve all sat through uncomfortable dinners. You know the ones – full of cringe inducing double-entendres, your partner’s bad puns, drunken uncle dropping his fork in it. Again. The dinner scene in TOM, DICK & HARRY will arouse that memory, but this time you will be safely ensconced in your theatre seat, able to watch as somebody else does the seat-squirming for you.

For the past 25 years, Burlingtonian Byron McKim has sat in a lot of seats, dealing with multiple subjects, through drama, dance, and comedy. Taking a break from directing plays for BOTG (Burl-Oak Theatre Group) in order to premiere Langille MacGregor’s TOM, DICK & HARRY, McKim says, “I am really excited! Being back in the trenches, where you have to improv, you have to be sharp, in order to make it funny.”

In this modern day comedy, Sally is a recent divorcée with three men in her life: her lover Tom, her ex-husband Dick, and Harry – Dick’s lover. Dick and Harry have come over to Sally’s apartment to tell her that not only are they ready to start a family, they would like her to be the surrogate mother. Cue the squirm. Despite some heavy-hitting themes, McKim promises a light-hearted and insightful show. “Does love go away when you get a divorce? Are certain types of betrayals easier to swallow than others? People will go to great lengths to keep love alive.”

For both McKim and writer Langille MacGregor, comedy and love are common themes. Macgregor writes, “We’re not always blessed with the families we want. You can choose your friends remember, but you can’t choose your family. Wouldn’t life be better, for some of us anyway, if you could?”

Producing and directing TOM, DICK & HARRY was an easy choice, says McKim, who got his start in community theatre. A successful salesman in the early 90s, he got the bug playing Sam Spade at a dinner theatre. Before he knew it, the expensive car was replaced by a bicycle; his house eventually became a one room unit over a tire store. “I threw everything away to go to Vancouver film school. It was a major shift in my whole life…who I was, what I wanted…I spent a good portion of my time, in my solitary confinement room, just writing.”

He stayed in Vancouver for ten years. Through the ups and downs McKim has had some pretty spectacular ups. Through his company Soaring Heart Pictures he has written, produced and directed everything from comedy, to sci-fi, to musicals and dance. Nominated for a Gemini Award in 2005 for Quest, an Aboriginal dance program shown on APTN and SCN, he went on to Cannes with his short film, King of Siam. In 2009, Bravo! Aired his six part Aboriginal dance program, “Dancing With Spirit” which brought two more Gemini Award nominations and a Gold Sheaf Award for the last episode in the series, called Tryptych.

Back in the GHA with his wife and daughter since 2003, McKim says, “I am really excited to get my directing chops back. I like the one-on-one with actors. Working directly with them. You can’t do that with movies so well, it’s too expensive. You can’t take the time. I love how physical comedy works on stage too. On the stage you can do things so much better.

Smiling: ”You know, comedy works if you are really serious about it.”


And it’s contest time again. Tell us where in Hamilton this photo was taken- and win 2 tickets to TOM, DICK & HARRY at the Fringe! Send your guess and contact information to:  publicity@hamiltonfringe.ca**Joe M. got it. We were at Mulberry Cafe. Congratulations Joe M. !

where on earth (in Hamilton) was this photo taken?

where on earth (in Hamilton) was this photo taken?

On The Fringe is written by Denyse Terry

Denyse is a local freelance writer.

A Fringe volunteer for the past 5 years, she has served as a member of the Board of Directors since 2011.
Her short story ‘Boom’ has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize:

Hamilton Arts & Letters, ‘Boom’ by Denyse Terry