Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

The Yellow Wallpaper

A Company of Players (Toronto, ON)


Playwright: Kristi Boulton (asst Matthew Bandura and Emiliano Bravin)
Director: Kristi Boulton
Cast: Hanah Itner as Charlotte, Sarah Granger asWallpaper Woman, Michael Patricelli as John, Claudia Spadafora as Jenny, Nick Kozij as Henry, Kristi Boulton as Rachel, Philip Wonder (Understudy John/Henry)

Show Type: Drama
Audience: General
Warning: Mature Content

Running Time: 75 Minutes

“Sometimes I think there are many women behind the paper, and sometimes only one, and she is all the time trying to climb through.” Charlotte couldn’t have known the true horrors that awaited her once confined to the room with yellow wallpaper. Trapped within, she soon discovers that what she should fear most is not her fragile mind, but what’s lurking beyond it, “because those women…They call to me.”

Show Times:
Thu July 17th 7PM
Fri July 18th 9PM
Sat July 19th 9PM
Sun July 20th 2PM
Thu July 24th 9PM
Fri July 25th 7PM
Sat July 26th 2PM

Tickets: $10 Adults (Fringe Backer Button required)

Venue: BYOV #1: The Player's Guild, 80 Queen St S