Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

This is Not a Musical: The Musical!

That Theatre Company (Hamilton, ON)

Creator/Director: Maxie Liberman
Cast: Tina Kocic, Kyle Billie, Kyla McCall, Anya Wassenberg, Mackenzie Glachan, Danielle Letourneau, Michael Cox, and Doug Millar

Show Type:


Running Time: 60 minutes

The entire town of Alderwollop can’t stop bursting into song and no one knows why. Could it be an illness? Or a hoax? Or maybe it’s that strange girl who walks around town looking like a witch. This is a mystery. This is a comedy. This is a love story. This is Not a Musical …The Musical!

PLEASE NOTE: Online ticket sales go offline three hours before the performance time. You can always get tickets at the door one hour before the show.

Show Times:

Thu July 20: 7:30pm
Sat July 22: 4:00pm
Sun July 23: 9:30pm
Tue July 25: 9:00pm
Fri July 28: 11:00pm
Sat July 29: 7:30pm
Sun July 30: 6:00pm

Tickets: Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button Required)