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Staff Picks of Fringe: It’s Complicated!

Posted by on Jul 12, 2017

Need a little help navigating the Fringe this year? This is the third in our series of themed Fringe programming picks by our summer staff! This time out we’ve got Fringe Binge: It’s Complicated, with selections from Eloane, our summer student coming all the way from Quebec!

Human beings are, and always will be, beautifully complicated and their relationships are even more complex. Here’s a list of six shows that demonstrate how difficult and intense but also wonderful, relationships can be.

First on the list is The Lost Years, a comedy that skillfully reveals the sacrifices that parents make for their kids.

Grandfather’s Secret

Following is Grandfather’s Secret, a dramedy about discovering what a grandfather is hiding from his family.

Again, I have here for you a mysterious drama, Open the Lace Curtains, which presents the story of a family that appears to be normal but who is secretly having issues.

Two Sisters is another dramedy that brings us to 1880’s Russia where Anya and Sonia find an empty coffin in Anya’s house. This performance makes us understand how escaping from the past is impossible, but also how sisterly love can conquer all.

Perfect Couples

Next is something a little deeper and darker. Moral Deficit is about two friends, three days, and the end of the dollar as we know it.

And finally, there is Perfect Couples. This dramatic show is talking about the impact of mental illness on 4 young adult couples while one of their friends is trying to figure herself out after experiencing trauma.


Eloane Bedard comes to us all the way from Sherbrooke, Quebec on an exchange program with the YMCA. When she’s not working in the Fringe office, you can catch her in Gage Park promoting all things Fringe at the Summer Promenade.