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An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

Staff Picks of Fringe: Musicals!

Posted by on Jun 21, 2017

Need a little help navigating the Fringe this year?

This is the second in our series of themed Fringe programming picks by our summer staff!

This time out we’ve got Fringe Binge on Musicals!, with selections from Kristina Kuhnert, our Assistant Community Outreach and Volunteer Coorindinator!

When words fail, music speaks!

There is something special about a musical. A good musical manipulates theatre with clever, cheeky rhyming schemes, and songs that get stuck in your head for days. There is truly nothing so spectacular as a cast bursting into a perfectly synchronised song and dance number, except maybe a really heart wrenching, soul searching ballad.

This year’s Fringe Festival hosts seven musicals! Taking the emotion of the theatre one step further, they use music and dance to celebrate the joys of human life and love, and then, moments later, to explore the depths of pain and sorrow. A good musical will take you on a roller coaster ride of human emotion and give you an experience that you won’t ever want to look away from.

There are many different approaches to creating a musical. Here is why I am excited to see these six musicals in this years Fringe Festival.

Swingin’ in St John’s



Some musicals embrace the joyful, silly side of life. This Is Not A Musical: The Musical (Maxie Liberman) explores what would happen if people really did randomly break out into song and dance. Swingin’ in St John’s (Will Gillespie) shows us how zany the status quo can get when a stranger comes to town.

Not always fun and games, musicals can also delve into the darkness of the human psyche. Requiem Aeternam (Maya Ziemann) ponders the complexities of death, goodness and evil. And Acts of Fiction (Francesca Brugnano) asks, in a darkly humorous way, what it takes for a “character” to survive.

Requiem Aeternam


Often, musicals help us to explore the powerful feelings of love and heartbreak. Cheri (Sky Gilbert, Dustin Peters) allows us to reminisce about long lost loves and years gone by, while Jilted (Adam Bryan) keeps alive the fiery passion and intensity of young love and the crazy things people do for it.

If these shows have caught your eye and you’re ready to learn some new choreography, you can purchase a Fringe Binge Pass and see all six shows for only $48! (Save $12!)

“Because who doesn’t want a world where everyone bursts into song and dance?”


Kristina Kuhnert is a McMaster University Student studying for a double major in Cultural Studies & Critical Thinking and Theatre & Film. She is passionate about people, supporting artists and artwork, and working with children through camps and other event planning.