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Staff Picks of Fringe: Pride Edition!

Posted by on Jun 26, 2017

Need a little help navigating the Fringe this year? This is the third in our series of themed Fringe programming picks by our summer staff! This time out we’ve got Fringe Binge: Pride Edition, with selections from Kristina Kuhnert, our Assistant Community Outreach and Volunteer Coorindinator!

This weekend was Toronto’s Pride Festival weekend and today marks the last week of Canada’s second annual Pride month. We want to share with you all the Fringe 2017 shows that feature queer artists and content.

Pride is a time to unite and empower the LGBTQ2SIA+ community. It is a time not only to celebrate where we are now, but to remember and commemorate those who have come before us, and to join together in the ongoing struggle for acceptance and equality.

With its equal opportunity application process, the Fringe Festival features artists who might not otherwise have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Fringe 2017 includes many shows that feature queer content and artists. Here are the top six that I am eager to see:

The Elephant Girls

Embracing queer history, I am excited about digging into the roots of Canada’s (and North America’s) first queer magazine. Canton/Peterson Productions’ Coal from Hades: Les Mouches Fantastiques takes us back to 1920s Montreal and the passionate characters who published at the risk of perishing!

Looking overseas, I cannot wait to take in the lives and adventures of the bloody-knuckled, badass women who terrorized London in Parry Riposte Productions’ award-winning one-woman show, The Elephant Girls.

DOG SEES GOD: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead (rejzndkliv) features LGBTQ actors of colour telling stories of the realities of navigating sexual identity, loss and bullying. Serious subject matter, but told through the eyes of a Charlie Brown-like character.

Featuring complex female characters and queer couples, I am interested in see how PKP’s Perfect Couples takes on the intricacies of millennial communities and mental illness.


Featuring his own story, queer artist Mark Peacock recounts tales of his relationship with his mother in Peacock Blue Production’s Flightmare.

Lastly, I cannot wait to see Brine (Sage for the Stage) as young queer artists delve into the ways that ‘women’s work’ is transformed through immigration.

As always, you can see all six shows, and save money with a Fringe Binge Pass – that’s six shows for only $48!

Kristina Kuhnert is a McMaster University Student studying for a double major in Cultural Studies & Critical Thinking and Theatre & Film. She is passionate about people, supporting artists and artwork, and working with children through camps and other event planning.