Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

Staff Picks of Fringe: The Rom-Com Edition

Posted by on Jun 13, 2017

Need a little help navigating the Fringe this year?

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some themed Fringe programming picks by our summer staff!

We kick off the series with A Day of Fringe: Rom-Com Edition, with selections from Natalie Stravens, our Community Outreach and Volunteer Coorindinator!


The value of the romantic comedy genre is often overlooked.

It is a style that is always entertaining, no matter how stereotypical and predictable it may seem. It’s just so relatable.

Granted, the characters can come off as more caricatures than real people. I personally do not plan to tie some poor guy up in a restaurant as shown in Jilted (Red Pants Productions) or turn to witchcraft to save a relationship like in Midnight Circle (Epiphany Theatre).

However, I can’t deny that their motivation is all that foreign. These stories take our craziest insecurities and put them to life on stage, making us laugh along the way. They make us feel just a little bit better about our ridiculous blunders and thoughts when it comes to love.

The improv comedy in Swipe Right for Love (The Understudies) allows us to laugh at ourselves by re-examining the very real problems we run into with online dating. No Dick Pics Please (Borderline Production) allows us a view into the life of a real person’s story in the context of romance, reminding us of the rants discussions we might have with a friend.

Heart Strings the Musical: Ireland 1908 (Mole Productions 2016) shows us these dilemmas are not new to the modern era. Finally, The Lost Years, helps remind us that life continues to be just as unpredictable even after the ‘happy ending’.

These shows are perfect to enjoy with a friend (or ten) and just have a light-hearted day experiencing great art. What’s even better, you can grab a Fringe Binge Pass and do almost all of them in one day!




Natalie Stravens is a third year student at McMaster, taking a double major in Anthropology and Multimedia. She is also a childcare worker at the Hamilton YMCA. She is passionate about volunteering and has traveled to many different countries in her (relatively) short life!