Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton


Shows are listed alphabetically. Click the title for more info.


Sat July 22: 3:00pm
Sat July 22: 7:00pm
Sun July 23: 3:30pm
Fri July 28: 4:30pm
Sat July 29: 2:30pm
Sat July 29: 6:30pm

50 minutes

$10 (Fringe Backer Button required)

Creator/Writer: Sky Gilbert and Dustin Peters
Director: Sky Gilbert
Cast: Peggy Mahon and Dustin Peters

Langston Hughes vs Joe McCarthy

Thu July 20: 6:30pm
Fri July 21: 9:00pm
Sat July 22: 9:00pm
Sun July 23: 8:30pm
Tue July 25: 9:00pm
Wed July 26: 9:00pm
Thu July 27: 9:00pm
Fri July 28: 8:30pm
Sat July 29: 8:30pm

60 minutes

$10 (Fringe Backer Button required)

Creator/Writer: Ronald Weihs
Director: Ronald Weihs
Cast: Learie Mc Nicolls and Howard Jerome

The Lost Years

Thu July 20: 8:30pm
Fri July 21: 7:00pm
Sat July 22: 5:00pm
Sun July 23: 6:00pm
Tues July 25: 7:00pm
Wed July 26: 7:00pm
Thu July 27: 7:00pm
Fri July 28: 6:30pm
Sat July 29: 4:30pm

50 minutes

$10 (Fringe Backer Button required)

Creator/Writer: Peter Gruner
Director: Al French
Cast: Deb Dagenais and Peter Gruner