Hamilton Fringe Festival

An 11-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton


95 King St E

Shows are listed alphabetically. Click the title for more info.

First Class

Fri July 21: 7:00pm
Sat July 22: 4:30pm
Sun July 23: 9:00pm
Tue July 25: 9:30pm
Fri July 28: 10:30pm
Sat July 29: 7:00pm
Sun July 30: 5:30pm

60 minutes

Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button Required)

Creator/Director: Madeleine Szlafarski, Genavieve DeCaria, and Omobolanle Olarewaju
Cast: Christina Stolte, YiJian Zheng, and Funsho Elegbeleye

Gilda: A Tribute to the Beloved Comedienne Gilda Radner

Thu July 20 9:30pm
Sat July 22 2:30pm
Sun July 23 5:30pm
Wed July 26 6:00pm
Thu July 27 7:00pm
Sat July 29 10:00pm
Sun July 30 1:30pm

90 minutes

Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button Required)

Playwright/Director/Cast: Helena K Cosentino

In This Corner: Eight Rounds With Tommy Douglas

Fri July 21: 5:30pm
Sat July 22: 10:00pm
Sun July 23: 7:30pm
Tue July 25: 8:00pm
Thu Jul 27: 9:00pm
Fri July 28: 7:30pm
Sat July 29: 3:30pm

60 minutes

Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button Required)

Playwright: Dan Ebbs
Director: Dianne Vanden Hoven
Cast: Dan Ebbs


Fri August 11: 1:00pm
Fri August 11: 1:15pm
Fri August 11: 1:30pm
Fri August 11: 1:45pm
Fri August 11: 2:00pm
Fri August 11: 2:15pm
Fri August 11: 2:30pm
Sat August 12: 1:00pm
Sat August 12: 1:15pm
Sat August 12: 1:30pm
Sat August 12: 1:45pm
Sat August 12: 2:00pm
Sat August 12: 2:15pm
Sat August 12: 2:30pm
Sun August 13: 1:00pm
Sun August 13: 1:15pm
Sun August 13: 1:30pm
Sun August 13: 1:45pm
Sun August 13: 2:00pm
Sun August 13: 2:15pm
Sun August 13: 2:30pm

60 minutes


Created by Dustin Harvey and Adrienne Wong
Audio Engineering by Shawn Bisson
Music composition by Eling Lien and Brian Riley
Map Artwork by Colleen MacIsaac
Photo by Mel Hattie

Sawyer Bullock: Magician Ordinaire

Thu July 20: 8:00pm
Sat July 22: 1:00pm
Mon July 24: 7:30pm
Tue July 25: 6:30pm
Fri July 28: 9:00pm
Sat July 29: 5:00pm
Sun July 30: 12:00pm

60 minutes

Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button Required), $5 children 12 and under (no button required)

Creator: Sawyer Bullock
Director: Frederick Duquette
Cast: Sawyer Bullock

The Flesh of Her

Fri July 21: 10:00pm
Sat July 22: 7:00pm
Sun July 23: 12:00pm
Wed July 26: 9:30pm
Fri July 28: 4:30pm
Sat July 29: 2:00pm
Sun July 30: 7:00pm

40 minutes

Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button Required)

Creator/Writer: Jessica Bowmer
Director: Brendan Chandler
Cast: Jessica Bowmer

The Plausibility of Teleportation in an Oxygen-Deprived Environment

Thu July 20: 6:30pm
Sat July 22: 8:30pm
Sun July 23: 1:30pm
Mon July 24: 9:00pm
Thu July 27: 5:30pm
Sat July 29: 12:30pm
Sun July 30: 8:30pm

45 minutes

Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button Required)

Creator: Ilya Marvin Ilyashyk
Director: Ryan Iwanicki
Cast: Ryan Iwanicki and Ilya Marvin Ilyashyk

We Are Not The Others

Fri July 21: 8:30pm
Sun July 23: 3:00pm
Mon July 24: 6:00pm
Wed July 26: 8:00pm
Fri July 28: 6:00pm
Sat July 29: 8:30pm
Sun July 30: 3:30pm

60 minutes

Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button Required)

Creators: Izad Etemadi & Dr. Mirna Carranza
Director: Izad Etemadi
Cast: Rashaan Cumberbatch, Heath V. Salazar, Sima Sepehri, and Angela Sun