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ALERT Spotlight: Michael Kras

Posted by on Nov 30, 2017

ALERT is professional development program for emerging artistic leaders who want to help redefine the theatre culture in Hamilton. Participants work with theatre artists and mentors to develop their artistic and producing skills and help produce the Frost Bites Festival in February 2018.

Michael Kras takes on the job of Guide Liaison/Script Development for the Frost Bites 2018.

Miachael Kras


Michael Kras is a Hamiltonian theatre-maker and theatre-doer. He is the 2017 recipient of the prestigious Voaden Prize for his play The Team, which was also one of four national finalists for the Safe Words New Canadian Play Award. Other works include #dirtygirl (Hamilton Fringe, winner: Audience Choice Award), and For Kiera (Broken Soil Theatre, finalist: HA&L Short Works Prize). Michael’s acting credits include A Few Good Men (Theatre Aquarius); Your Own Sons, An Ordinary Asset (Same Boat Theatre); and Approaching Zero (Calm, Cool & Collective). Michael is a graduate of the acting conservatory at Humber College, the artistic director of Hamilton’s own Broken Soil Theatre, and a member of the Theatre Aquarius Playwrights Unit.

What excites you about the ALERT program? What drew you to it?

Leaving theatre school can feel lonely and terrifying. With a training program like ALERT, I have a forum that not only connects me to other local professionals who are similarly invested in developing Hamilton’s theatre scene, but also gives the practical training to make it happen and makes me feel less lost at sea.

What are you looking forward to at FrostBites?

So many things! Events like Frost Bites help redefine what ‘theatre’ is by pulling it out of a traditional performance venue and turning it into more of a party, a social event. Theatre doesn’t have to be uptight, formal, and reserved for those of a certain age and class (and I personally think the best theatre isn’t any of those things). Frost Bites promises to flip the script and show people that theatre can be for anyone and everyone. I’m excited to see what new faces will come to experience it.

Why do you love Hamilton?

I always call it a big city with a small town vibe. We’re a community of hard workers with a constant hand to lend. Best of all, we’re determined to become an arts and culture hub, and do it in a way that no other community could. Hamilton is singular, and the people here know it.

What are your favourite spots in Hamilton?

Oh boy, what’s my word limit on this one? I’m a coffee and beer nerd, and luckily Hamilton is flourishing in both of those arenas. In my mornings, I frequent Smalls Coffee, a small and simple grab-and-go coffee shop run by wonderful people who are LEGIT about their daily grind. For my evening fix of the more adult kind of brew, I’m a huge supporter of Hamilton’s growing craft beer scene, especially Merit Brewing, Fairweather Brewing, and Grain & Grit (which all opened this year alone! Go Hamilton!)

For more information about the ALERT Program and its participants, click here.