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Now in its 18th season, the Hamilton Fringe creates a platform for independent, emerging, and established theatre artists in Hamilton.

Fringe All-Access

Streaming On-Demand July 18 – 28, 2021

Get a sneak peak at our new series launching officially in 2022! This year’s Fringe All-Access entry is a two-for-one special, featuring a FREE on-demand stream of two exciting new performances: Felting Tides by acclaimed dance company Aeris Körper and a reading from emerging playwright Henrique Santsper’s It Happened During The Quarantine.

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Performance #1 – Felting Tides by Aeris Körper

photo by Jess Bullock


Co-choreography and performance by Mayumi Lashbrook and Sid Ryan Eilers (dead name Lisa Emmons)
Choreographic Mentorship by Peggy Baker
Music by Grace~Grace

Connectedness and conflict. Discourse and acceptance. Felting Tides looks at the intersections of where our individual orbits connect, diverge and then meet again. Eilers and Lashbrook measure the width of differences and intimacies of similarities between them. Where is there a dissonant distance? Where are we inherently harmonious? “Felting” is the act of consolidation of fibrous materials by the application of heat, moisture, and mechanical action causing the interlocking, or matting, of fibres; an apt description of our interwoven lives. “Tides” is the alternate rising and falling of the sea, due to the attraction of the moon. Eilers and Lashbrook animate the meaning of these words and vulnerably bare the physicalization of their relationship to one another.

Optional Described Video available.

About Aeris Körper

Aeris Körper is a Canadian contemporary dance company that produces live immersive shows, hosts community platforms, and leads accessible movement workshops. Aeris, the lightness of spirit and energy, combines with Körper, the strength and beauty of the body, to allow and encourage us to explore, share, connect, understand and innovate. The company creates performances with movement and stretching of the mind to discover the connection between the two. We dismantle the ways in which we internally oppress ourselves through releasing curiosity, creativity and unleashing the endless possibilities of the body. We aim to foster and guide each individual on an experiential journey of growth, awareness and connection with self and others. Aesthetically we are interested in performative works that are emotional and qualitative explorations of stories from our community. The company focuses on creating honest and porous performances to supply audiences with space to reflect, empathize, and trust one another. Collaboratively engaged since 2014, you can find Aeris Körper in dance and multidisciplinary space in Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto and beyond.

Performance #2 – It Happened During The Quarantine (a staged reading) by Third Wheel Theatre Co.

Written & Directed by Henrique Santsper
Stage Manager: Cheska Libao

Cast: Jordan M. Burns, Daniel Sutherland, Justin Tobiere-Coach, Sarah Hagarty, and Jessica Rose

The year is 2020. A new decade, full of hope and dreams starts. Then, the pandemic hits.

A disease that started in a far-away country; a virus that was believed to never travel that far; someone else’s problem… It became very clearly, and extremely fast, everyone’s business and concern.

During the first lockdown, so many stories were created. Couples who were seen as perfect, broke up. LGBTQ+ youth had to stay in with conservative parents. Families were physically distanced, yet, brought closer together. The whole world was taught that no matter where we are, we are all in this together.

It may sound unrealistic or untrue, but I guarantee: it all happened during the quarantine.

This staged reading features excerpts from the full play.

Closed captions available. Optional ASL interpretation coming soon.

About Henrique Santsper

Henrique Santsper is a Latin-American actor, singer, and writer, born and raised in Brazil, who is thrilled to start his career in North America. Performing in Theatre since he was 12 years old, Henrique also carries passion in writing songs and scripts, having had five of his short-stories published in five Brazilian anthologies. Graduated from Humber in 2020, Henrique explores all the colours of the arts spectrum, such as directing, song-writing and performing, both in theatre and film. His recent credits include Sleeping Beauty – Every Rose Has a Thorne (dir. Doug MacDougall), TomorrowLove (dir. Christopher Stanton) Elektra (dir. Richard Greenblatt) and Odd Ones Out (dir. Herbie Barnes).

About Third Wheel Theatre Co.

Third Wheel Theatre Co. is a collective of emerging diverse artists, primarily producing emotionally-driven physical theatre. Third Wheel Theatre Co.’s mandates are: 1) to explore and bring life to unsought absurdities of society. 2) to provide a safe and inclusive environment for emerging artists to create their own work. 3) To introduce audiences to difficult topics while keeping all involved safe.

Shows in the Fringe All-Access series are presented in such a way that centres audience accessibility. This performances will be recorded LIVE ON STAGE and presented online with closed-captioning, ASL, and other enhanced options. These works were selected by our Community Curators Circle.



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