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HCA Teen Creation Collective: CONNECTIONS 2

Posted by on Jul 16, 2019

HCA Teen Creation Collective: CONNECTIONS

An ensemble of young artists who have spent two weeks studying devised theatre will create a piece about the rich history of the Hamilton Conservatory of the Arts. The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts’ Teen Creation Collective is a 2-week intensive program for students aged 13-18. Students in the TCC study acting and explore collective creation, devising a piece of theatre that will be showcased in the Hamilton Fringe Festival from July 18-28.

HCA offers over 100 arts-based programs for children and adults, with specialized theatre training offered in 10 programs for children, youths, teens and adults. Follow along with the HCA Theatre Department on Instagram @HCATheatre.


On day 3 of the Teen Creation Collective meeting, learning and beginning to create, we checked in with three members of the ensemble for their thoughts on the process. Both questions and answers have been created and answered by youth actors in the ensemble.

Teen Creation Collective

How has your experience been working with devised theatre in an ensemble?

Being able to work with an ensemble group of actors has really been helpful to my growth as well as the growth of my fellow actors. Having a lot of other people working with you on a scene, whether improv or otherwise, helps you gain confidence as well as have other characters or people to bounce off of. I’m extremely excited to see what we, as an ensemble, present.


What’s your favourite activity in Teen Creation Collective: CONNECTIONS?

I love the whole ensemble part of this – working with kids to create something that we love is awesome and amazing.


Where is your favourite space to work? 

Recently the HCA’s Theatre Department has moved to the upstairs attic, and upon entering you can feel the creativity and history surround you. The attic is full of natural light as well as remnants of the original 1904 building. Hearing stories about how many brilliant ideas, dances, plays and artworks were made in the space just fills you with passion and creativity.


What have you learned so far?

Different forms of movement, sound and character development techniques to build story.


Catch these teens at Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, July 18-28. http://hamiltonfringe.ca/tickets/

Show times:

July 18 at 7 PM

July 19 at 7 PM

July 20 at 7 PM

July 24 at 7 PM

July 25 at 7 PM

July 26 at 7 PM

July 27 at 3 PM

Please note: Some show dates have changed. Current schedule, as of July 12 2019.


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