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HCA Teen Creation Collective: CONNECTIONS

Posted by on Jul 2, 2019

HCA Teen Creation Collective: CONNECTIONS

An ensemble of young artists who have spent two weeks studying devised theatre will create a piece about the rich history of the Hamilton Conservatory of the Arts. Since 1897, the building has housed arts activities, served as a housing facility for troubled youth, been abandoned and has now been returned to a hive of creative activity. This play reflects a cast of local young people’s connections to these stories. This program is facilitated and led by Erica May-Wood and Stephanie Hope Lawlor.

Over the course of this exciting process, the TCC will share a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of devising site-specific theatre for the Hamilton Fringe Festival.


Erica May-Wood:

I have just spent a wonderful day planning a unique project and process with the incomparable Stephanie Hope Lawlor: we are going to work for three plus weeks with 10 youth at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts to create, rehearse, and perform a site-specific show for the Hamilton Fringe.

I have devised theatre pieces with groups aged 6-60 and I have been a part of the creation of a handful of site-specific shows with my indie company RealSpace theatre – including Fringe shows. But never have I put these two processes together.

What am I most excited about in this unique undertaking? To work with three generations of creators (I take the middle-aged mantle in this ensemble) is very interesting to me, as is the layers of history in the building. What is the intersection – connection – between 1890 and 1980 and now? To work alongside an artist whom the Hamilton Spectator this year called Hamilton’s finest actress – and in my books a particularly fine human and teaching artist – is a great honour for me.

But I think I am most excited to see what these youth will create – and how they will create as a community- to bring their voice and perspective forward in story theatrically.


Stephanie Hope Lawlor:

It’s the calm before the storm: T-minus 1 week until we meet the ensemble of 10 young people who have leapt into an exciting arena of theatre training: the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts’ Teen Creation Collective. Schedules have been organized, lessons have been planned, and the space has been prepared. Soon, the studio will be filled with boundless energy and the creativity of a cast of young artists as they bring the history of 129 James Street South to life with scenes, music and a ton of heart. 

By exploring about the history around them and understanding the tenets of theatre making, this brave group of young people gets to take the creation of a piece of theatre into their own hands and tell a story that is important to them, speaking to their own personal interests and journeys. I can’t wait to see the piece they create, and hope you can join us July 18 – 27 at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts.


Catch the TCC at Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, July 18-28. http://hamiltonfringe.ca/tickets/

Show times:

July 18 at 7 PM

July 19 at 7 PM

July 20 at 7 PM

July 24 at 7 PM

July 25 at 7 PM

July 26 at 7 PM

July 27 at 3 PM

Please note: Some show dates have changed. Current schedule, as of July 12 2019.



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