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Izzy and The Naz

Posted by on Jul 11, 2019

The Fringe is known for being a space where artists and audiences can take risks, try something new, and dive in headfirst.

That can even mean a company from the waitlist getting the opportunity to join the festival late – maybe with less than two weeks notice!


Izzy and the Naz

Creators/Performers: Izzy Ferguson, Briane Nasimok

A mini-interview between Associate Producer Franny McCabe-Bennett and the artists behind Izzy and the Naz, conducted online with 10 minutes notice:

Franny McCabe-Bennett: Who is completing this interview today?

Izzy Ferguson, Briane Nasimok: Izzy and Briane (mostly Briane).

Our server is waiting – what kind of food or drink would you order?

Chardonnay and mojito.

Congratulations on making it off the waitlist! What position were you on the waitlist when you got your show spot?

Third, then first.

Briane Nasimok

What were you doing when you got the call that you could join the Hamilton Fringe as a late add company off the waitlist? Give us the inside scoop!

Izzy was taking care of personal business (on the loo) and Briane was frantically trying to remember his lines for his other show at the Fringe, Confessions of an Operatic Mute.

Did you think you’d get the chance to perform in the Fringe this year or did we totally blow your mind??

Izzy was quite sure it wasn’t going to happen and was in relative calm while Briane soon realized he would be doing 14 shows in ten days with only one day off.

Why did you decide to participate in this year’s Fringe?

To prove to ourselves and to the world that we were still alive and capable of telling compelling and humourous stories.  Also to get Izzy out of the house.

Why should Hamiltonians search our your show to see? Give us your elevator pitch! 

Two storytellers, two chairs… more than two stories.  A pair of raconteurs shares their somewhat humourous views of life.

Izzy Ferguson

Have you performed in a Fringe Festival before? Tell us a story!

This is Izzy’s first Fringe.  Briane performed his other show at Fringes in Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and Victoria.  In Victoria after performing a show Briane rushed to another venue to work the line and try to get people to see his show.  A woman in that line had just come from Briane’s presentation and asked him if he had eaten.  Briane had not so she gave him her sushi.

What are you most terrified of, as a late-add company?

That people will not attend without us offering TimBits. Briane’s July 25th show at 9:30 of “Confessions” is TimBit Thursday, Briane is offering the first 37 patrons free TimBits – we are not using such bribery for our shows.

What are you most excited about, as a late-add company?

People finding us

Why do you think Fringe artists are more willing to take risks and jump at opportunities than other folks?

Part of their DNA.  They are adventures trying to share their talents, not worried about making money.

What advice would you give to another late-add company?

Prayer and clean living.

How would you describe the Fringe, in 5 words?

An intense whirligig of excitement

How would you describe yourself as an artist, in 5 words?

Two seasoned, still hopeful, storytellers

How would you describe your show, in 5 words?

Stories to entertain and amuse

What else do you need the Fringe world to know??

This may be your first and/or last chance to catch them perform.

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