Hamilton Fringe

A 12-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

Bad Ideas Too

Carissa Kaye, David Faulkner-Rundle, Dylan Duarte
Playwright/Director: Dylan Duarte
Editor/Producer/Sound Design: David Faulkner-Rundle

Show Type:


Length: 20 minutes

Bad Ideas Too is a continuation of our anthology series, Bad Ideas. Last summer we brought 9 original stories to the stage, this year, Bad Idea Too aims to bring 4 more stories straight to your ear drums. In this audio exclusive format, Bad Ideas Too is an experiment that brings together sound design and narrative structures similar to your favourite audio book. This is a serialized event – each show is different!

Warnings: Coarse Language, Violence (discussion or visual representation)


Wed July 22 @ 9:10pm
Thurs July 23 @ 6:30pm
Fri July 24 @ 9:10pm
Sat July 25 @ 7:10pm

Price: $2-$15 plus fees