Hamilton Fringe

A 12-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

Prairie Odyssey

Sondra Learn, Alison Chisholm, Charly Chiarelli
Playwright/Director: Valeri Kay
Lighting Design: Rev. Douglas Moore & Valeri Kay
Costumes: Cast & Valeri Kay
Producer: Valeri Kay
Associate Producer: Robert Sutton
Graphic Design: Gregory Neely
Dramaturgy: Judith Sandiford & Ronald Weihs

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Length: 30 minutes

Prairie Odyssey, sprung from family stories of tragedies in which fate and choices swept a family from a comfortable urban existence to the rigours of subsistence Prairie living during the 30’s. Prairie Odyssey was written to honour both families.

Let us take you with us on Becky’s journey through storytelling and music, meeting such interesting characters along the way as Doug born and bred in the Prairies who knows how survival can be so precarious.

Prairie Odyssey has a great, committed, talented cast; Sondra Learn, Alison Chisholm and featuring Charly Chiarelli with his wonderful music and talents as “Papa”.

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Wed July 22 @ 8:30pm
Fri July 24 @ 7:20pm
Sat July 25 @ 7:40pm

Price: $2-$15 plus fees