Hamilton Fringe

A 12-day unjuried theatre festival that happens every summer in downtown Hamilton

Staff Picks of Fringe: Home Edition!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2017

Need a little help navigating the Fringe this year? Next in our series of themed Fringe programming picks by our summer staff! This time out we’ve got Fringe Binge: Home Edition, with selections from Avery, our Assistant Box Office Coordinator!

What does it mean to call a place “home”?  Is “home” a place where you grew up, where you live now, or where you’re headed? Perhaps “home” does need to be tethered to a place, but instead a time, a person, or a story. No matter where your home is, the Hamilton Fringe Festival has a show that will help you to explore the relationship between identity, belonging, and place.

Having grown up with the City of Hamilton as my home, I am excited to see the cast of storytellers share their accounts in Tales from the Hamilton 7 at The Staircase’s Main Space.

Up Here

At The Player’s Guild, the ensemble cast of Up Here tells a story through the medium of physical theatre. Up Here pulls an investigative journalist deep into the secretive stories of a strange town and the people that call it home.

Chantrina Tam, creator/writer/performer, explores the concept of “home” as it relates to cultural identity in Someone Betweena one-person piece being performed at Hamilton Theatre Inc.

For Eden, a 17-minute interactive art installation at Factory Media Centre, also focuses on The Hammer. For Edenlooks at the experience of being homeless in Hamilton, Ontario.

For Eden, Glass Wall Theatre

When your home planet faces an imminent apocalypse, where do you go? First Classa McMaster Honours Performance Series presentation, tells the story of unique characters who find themselves trapped inside of an old diner during an environmental emergency on Earth.

Also affiliated with McMaster, We Are Not The Others, is a product of a two-year research project that was funded by the Hamilton Community Foundation. Playing at Mills Hardware, We Are Not The Others uses real stories from immigrant women in Hamilton as it describes their experiences as newcomers to a foreign home.

To see all of these shows for only $48 in total, consider using a Fringe Binge Pass, which allows you to see six shows at a rate of $8/each! All money from these ticket sales goes right back to the artists who put on these performances and share their stories of home.

Avery is a 3rd year Arts and Science student at McMaster University who has grown up in Dundas and Hamilton. Avery has keen interests in theatre and the Hamilton community. She is delighted to be working with Fringe volunteers, patrons, artists, and staff for the second summer in a row.