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Your First Theatre Experience. What Do You Remember?

Posted by on Jun 12, 2014

Written by Crystal Jonasson

Do you remember your first theatre experience?

The Family Fringe


The first memory I have of the magic of theatre was seeing Sharron, Lois and Bram at Hamilton Place with my parents. Even as a young child it was clear to me that there was something special about live performance, something unique about hearing my favourite songs and seeing the performers ‘for real’. Singing along with my three favourite musicians and their elephant companion obviously left an impact that has lasted decades. I know that for me these early memories shaped how I think about theatre and the arts in general.

The Fringe values the impact that theatre can have on young people and strives to make theatre accessible to artists and patrons of all ages. That is why this year the Hamilton Fringe Festival and Theatre Aquarius are proud to bring you the first ever: Family Fringe.

Family Fringe was created to offer patrons easier access to family-friendly performances – and to support local artists interested in bringing their work to children and families in our community. Companies offering children’s theatre are performing in one venue, Theatre Aquarius, and have been scheduled for convenient show times. Wondering what to do with the 12 & under crowd? We have you covered over both weekends in July.

In addition to the Family Fringe Shows, children’s arts activities will be offered on both Saturdays of the festival in the greenspace on the west side of Theatre Aquarius in the Family Fringe Tent. These additional arts activities will include face painting, T-shirt decoration, music and more. Activities in the Family Fringe Tent will be hosted by local children’s artists and dedicated Fringe volunteers, all FREE of charge!

In planning this new project I have had an opportunity to talk to several children’s artists, volunteers interested in working with children and with parents of young children, and I have discovered a special type of enthusiasm. The enthusiasm and excitement born of sharing your passion for the arts with the next generation of artists and arts supporters, it’s contagious.


Got the Family Fringe bug? To volunteer for Family Fringe call:

Yara Farran 289 698-2234 [email protected]

If you are an artist who would love to share your work/activity with children and their families, over two Saturdays (July 19 & 26) contact Crystal Jonasson: [email protected]